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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Bush Administration's Bright Economic Present

So here's a delightful bit o' news ( from those that (mis) lead us:

Several senior Homeland Security officials told The Associated Press that Ridge has indicated in recent weeks he probably will resign after the election, even if Bush wins. They spoke only on condition of anonymity, citing the delicate nature of describing private conversations with their boss.

Ridge, 58, has explained to colleagues that he needs to earn money to comfortably put his two children, Tommy Jr. and Lesley, through college, officials said. Both are now teenagers. Ridge earns $175,700 a year as a Cabinet secretary.

So, according to a Cabinet Level member of the Bush Administration, $175,700 per year (assuming no spousal or investment income - not bloody likely) is woefully insufficient to send two kids to college.

Hmmm.....let me try that another way....George Bush is trying to convince us the economy is recovering and things are getting better for all Americans when being in the top 5% of income earners is not sufficient to "comfortably put...two children... through college."

Well, I'm sold. Four more years of Bush, and maybe college will be out of reach for the Top 1% of earners.


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