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Sunday, August 01, 2004

You know how the rich is......

More gems of wisdom from our illustrious leader:

WASHINGTON, July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The following are remarks by President Bush:
Canton Memorial Civic Center

Canton, Ohio
11:04 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: He said he's only going to raise the tax on the so-called rich. But you know how the rich is, they've got accountants. That means you pay. That means your small business pays. It means the farmers and ranchers pay. That's the wrong medicine for this economy, and we're not going to let him prescribe it. (Applause.)

Okay, aside from the number and verb not agreeing (and before you get all up in my face about "the rich" can be referred to as a singular class, take a look at how Georgie uses "they've" to indicate his intent on number) Der Fuhrer drops another cognitive logic bomb in there.

You see, 'the rich," they have accountants. Implying that the rich weasel out of paying their taxes regardless of their marginal tax rate.

Whoa, did I just hear him right? I thought he always said the rich pay a disproportionate share of the taxes - that's why he cuts their taxes.

I suppose he could close some of those loopholes that the rich and their scheming nefarious accountants use to avoid taxes...but....nah that's crazy talk.....

But wait - there's more....this logic bomb has multiple warheads.

First he refers to "the rich" as the "so-called rich". Wait, which is it Mr. Bush? Are they rich or only so-called rich? Are you saying that the top 2% of income earners (those supposedly targeted by the Kerry tax plan with which Mr. Bush takes issue.) are only the "so-called rich?" If the top 2% aren't really rich then who is?

Which gets us to our next point:

He uses the third person pronoun they to refer to "the rich." He does, however, seem to know that "they" employ "accountants." (Accountants are now bad, see. We know this as regular Farmers and Ranchers 'cause of Enron, Tyco, MCI, etc. scandals - not that Bush isn't friends with Enron CEO Ken Lay, but nevermind that now, we talking to farmers and ranchers here.)

I suspect Mr. Bush knows about "the rich" using "accountants" because by most measures of the word he is rich. At least I think (and maybe a few farmers and ranchers would too) that a net worth of $9,634,088 to $26,593,000 does, in fact, qualify him as rich. Actually, it puts in in the top 1%-2%. Hey! Doesn't that mean that Kerry's tax plan would raise his....

So, I guess that means he just admitted to us all that he weasels out of paying his fair share of taxes and shifted the burden onto all of us. And he doesn't want his taxes raised.

Okay, thanks for playing everyone!


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